Elkhorn Bed and Breakfast LLC

(208) 741-2071

Elkhorn Bed and Breakfast LLC

(208) 741-2071

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"We offer the most comforable beds in Idaho"

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Chevre Lamb & Goat Meat


 Debra makes handmade Chevre cheese from her free range Nubian/Saanan dairy goats that are raised naturally year round.  

Raising the bar, the milk bar!

Raising the bar as often as I can trying to improve the genetics

MC Call, Idaho Farmers Market

2019 will be my 9th year to  participate in one of Idahos favorite farmers market selling may Chevre favored cheese, young lamb and goat meat.

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Elkhorn Bed and Breakfast LLC

1327 Hwy 95, Mesa, ID 83643, US

(208) 741-2071

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